How To Light Pilot Light On Gas Fireplace Insert

How To Light Pilot Light On Gas Fireplace Insert. Remember to do this when you are ready to ignite the pilot light of your gas fireplace. Open valve by pivoting handle to be.

Gas Log Fireplace No Pilot Light from

The pilot, found as part of the ignition, can often be seen when looking down from above within the firebox or below through the control area. The pilot should stay lit. Always remove your fireplace glass prior to lighting your pilot.

Push In Knob (This Releases The Gas To The Pilot Area Only).

Either a constant pilot mode or an intermittent pilot mode is used by electronic ignition systems. The glass or screen of your heat n glo fireplace will get covered by soots or debris for several reasons. However, the small amount of heat that the pilot creates helps to keep the inside of the firebox dry.

Ensure That The Valve Is Properly Aligned With The Gas Line Of Your Fireplace For Ultimate Control Of The Flow Of The Fuel.

When you switch on your gas log fireplace, a spark will ignite and. The pilot should stay lit. Turn the control knob to a pilot position.

Locate The Control Panel On The Fireplace And Open It.

The pilot should start as soon as the flame is close enough. Adjust the shutoff valve of your fireplace to the right position: Open valve by pivoting handle to be.

Now That You Know Your Propane Fireplace's Pilot Light Has A Supply Of Propane To Fuel It, You Can Proceed To Turn It On.

How to light your pilot. Depress the igniter button until the pilot lights. The gas valve knob is the junction between the main gas pipe and the gas fireplace.

Continue To Hold The Knob Down For Five Seconds To.

11 interesting gas fireplace pilot light pic ideas direct vent. If power is actively supplied to your fireplace, simply turn the on/off button, wall switch or remote control to “on” to ignite your main burner. The gas valve knob usually has a round metal flange with a square or hex hole in the center.

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